Reimagining Women's Healthcare

A Bioscience Company Innovating Precision Medicine Through Diagnostic Biomarkers

Our Vision

Use our patented technologies as a transformative force to address the shortcomings and disparities in women’s health prevalent in healthcare organizations globally.

Our Core Concept & Technology

Women’s health has been marginalized for years. Limited testing on females has resulted in a lack of understanding about how female hormones impact disease, causing confusion in both diagnoses and treatments. LifeStory Health was founded on the principle of addressing the disparity in women’s health practices that were often overlooked or neglected. We envision a world in which our patented technologies act as a transformative force to expand clinical utility and create new clinical testing paradigms for diagnosing infertility, cancer and degenerative diseases.


Our patented, diagnostic technology provides multiple applications and opportunities to advance women’s health


Our patents cover a comprehensive range of technologies focused on female health monitoring and diagnostics

Test Kits

Our proprietary, FDA-Approved test kits enable women to privately and easily capture, secure and send samples


Our patents and technology enable testing for more than 300 diseases states via proteins found exclusively in menstrual blood

Our Story

The “story” of LifeStory Health is personal. The company was founded by Anna Villarreal in 2014, spurred by her own personal health battle. Facing a cancer diagnosis at an early age, Anna sought more information and clinical research regarding her prognosis and a viable course of treatment. She was surprised to uncover such wide gap in women’s healthcare. Particularly within clinical research involving female subjects where more targeted data could provide improved disease detection and management. This led to a more specific discovery that medical professionals wouldn’t or couldn’t use menstrual blood for expanded and improved disease detection and management for women. Recognizing this unmet need and driven by a desire to help advance women’s health through the exploration of female biology, LifeStory Health was born.

Anna Villarreal


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