About Us

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About Our Founder

Anna Villarreal is the CEO and Founder of LifeStory Health, Inc. 

A strong advocate for women’s healthcare, Anna’s pioneering vision to map the menstrual blood proteome through a set of resolute, data-leading principles and an award winning scientific methodology has led to biomarker discovery based on precision medicine.

Leading the first-ever discovery research into the clinical utility of menstrual blood, Anna’s Proof of Principle study resulted in findings of unique signatures specific to menstrual blood.  On-going clinical studies aim to develop LifeStory Health’s diagnostics science further in support of its preliminary portfolio.  

Anna’s resourceful leadership style and entrepreneurial experience has led LifeStory Health, Inc. through remarkable discoveries and growth in a relatively short period of time. She attributes this to her steadfast passion for and about Women’s Health.

Our Mission

Change the world through the advancement women’s healthcare leveraging novel, female-specific diagnostics and therapeutic targets.

Our Vision

Use our patented technologies as a transformative force to address the shortcomings and disparities in women’s health prevalent in healthcare organizations globally.