Anna Villareal: Founder & CEO

Anna Villarreal, CEO & Founder:

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Anna started her first company in 2011 and used the proceeds from its sale to fund her second start-up: LifeStory Health, Inc.  Under Anna’s leadership, LSH’s novel scientific discovery has received several notable awards, including the First Place Award at Harvard University’s 19th Annual Northeast Chemistry Research Conference and The American Chemical Society & Regional Affiliates for the best Elevator Pitch Award (sponsored by JEOL USA, Inc.), Best Overall Innovation and First Place in the ConnectIN category from Northeastern University’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE) for the discovery of novel and revolutionary inventions or processes that can be translated into real-world applications, and the Best Graduate Student Poster from the 2017 International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Boston Chapter, with subsequent representation at the international poster competition.

With a talented scientific and business team in place, Anna’s next step for LSH is to meet with the US FDA as part of the FDA’s Pre-Submission Program to receive feedback on LSH’s regulatory pathway and begin the regulatory process to bring LSH’s science to women in the USA.  Her next focus will be rest of world.

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Jared Auclair, Lead Researcher:

Jared’s global reputation in mass spectrometry analysis, proteome discovery, and research in Women’s Health round out the management team of LifeStory Health, Inc.  Along with his role as Lead Researcher, he is the Associate Teaching Professor and Director at Northeastern University’s Biotechnology and Bioinformatics department, and he serves as the Director of the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL).  BATL is globally recognized as an APEC CoRE in Biotherapeutics and an ICH Trusted Training Program.  Jared is also an Affiliated Fellow at the Barnett Institute Chemical and Biologics Analysis. These appointments not only allow Dr. Auclair to collaborate with academic researches and industry practices int eh area of biopharmaceutical development and analysis, but also international regulators on best practices and new advances in regulatory sciences for drug approvals.