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LifeStory Health has affirmed unique protein signatures in menstrual blood that are not found anywhere else in the human body-- signatures can be used to screen for and early-detect female prevalent diseases.  

Today's early detection standards require a lot from the patient: self-exams (such as breast, which only detects disease when it is obvious to the patient), or annual doctor visits for uncomfortable exams and/or routine internal cell-scrapes, or other screening visits such as mammograms-- each in hopes of detecting disease while still at a cureable-stage.



Many female-prevalent diseases do not have tools and standards for early-detection other than subjective lifestyle or family-health related considerations.  In nearly all cases, the best early detection is a self-advocating patient who is: 1) well-attuned to her body; 2) willing to go through multiple layers of the healthcare system including dozens of questions and doubts from skeptical physicians when her body signals a potential issue.  Perhaps she is more tired than usual.  Perhaps she is experiencing abnormal bleeding.  Perhaps she has unusual changes in her appetite or unusual pain and discomfort that would otherwise go unnoticed or brushed aside. In all of these instances, most physicians first point to stress or some other lifestyle-related activity as the root cause rather than looking to determine if there is a deeper, disease-specific problem.  LSH's technology streamlines screening and diagnostics for both the physician and patient.


LSH is currently focused on diseases in which early detection is not available and latent diseases that simply do not show any signs until the disease has developed to a point where it is obvious, treatment is aggressive, and a cure may not be available.  Our technology will be a first for early detection based on biomarkers in menstrual blood and when used during menstruating years, should offer broad, in-depth, longitudinal monitoring and potentially predictive insights, into each woman's biology well into menopause.

About LifeStory Health, Inc.

LifeStory Health is a bioscience company innovating precision medicine through diagnostic biomarkers.  LSH science focuses on the root of female biology, and we aim to offer the most effective, accessible, easy-to-use and affordable early-detection technology for disease in females of menstruating age.

The LifeStory Team

Our company is led by seasoned innovators and entrepreneurs hailing from biopharma, research science, women's health, patient-advocacy, regulatory affairs, and patent strategy.  Our founder is a former patient herself, and most of the team are future patients (and have children who will be future patients) with an urgency to bring this technology to those in need worldwide.

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