LifeStory Health, Inc. (“LSH”) is a bioscience company innovating precision medicine through diagnostic biomarkers.

LSH is advancing women’s health by discovering female biology in a way that has never been done before. Our preliminary focus is to expand clinical utility and create new clinical testing paradigms for diagnosing cancer and degenerative disease.

Our recent Proof of Principle study created IP-protected research and discovered female biomarkers that no other company has discovered. This brings us closer to offering predictive, early and more precise female diagnostics based specifically on female biology.

Our collaborators include research universities, hospital systems, patient advocacy groups, physicians, passionate champions of women’s health, and healthcare data management pioneers.

Our plan includes the means by which we will bring our novel science to women everywhere.

For LifeStory Health Inc., it’s not about high-tech tampons and simple menstrual pads that tell you your vitamin content.  For LSH, our science addresses the root of female biology.

Management Team

Anna Villarreal
Founder & CEO

Leading the first-ever discovery research into the clinical utility of menstrual blood, a recent Proof of Principle study resulted in findings of unique signatures specific to menstrual blood.  On-going clinical studies aim to develop the diagnostic science further in order to support our preliminary pipeline.  Anna’s resourceful leadership style and entrepreneurial experience has lead LifeStory Health, Inc. through remarkable discoveries and growth in a very short time when compared to most bioscience companies.  She attributes this to her steadfast passion for and about Women’s Health.

A strong advocate for women's healthcare, Anna's pioneering vision to map the menstrual blood proteome through a set of resolute, data-leading principles and an award winning scientific methodology has led to biomarker discovery based on precision medicine. 

Anna guest lectures for several graduate level programs at Northeastern University including data analytics, chemistry, regulatory affairs, and master's in business administration.  She teaches her own class in the Master's of Biotechnology Program titled "Women's Health: Driving Innovation and Cultural Change".  Her advocacy for women's health continues on her podcast, "Setting the Pace", in which she and her co-host highlight fellow female innovators.

Christa Dhimo
Interim Chief Business Officer

Christa’s deep experience in building and growing companies in various industries, with nearly ten of her twenty-five-year career as a senior level advisor  and executive in the BioTech/Pharma industry, sets the pace and overall strategy for LifeStory Health, Inc. 

With experience in starting up and turning around companies as a primary focus of her work, her expertise has contributed to developing strategy and execution plans for bioscience start-ups, new drug commercialization, business operations improvement, M&A oversight and setup for Initial Public Offerings.  Her straight-talk, big-picture style has made her a sought-after speaking and mentor, double-serving as a Professor in two of Northeastern University’s Colleges: the College of Science, where she teaches a Master’s Level Biotech Enterprise course, and a Professor at the College of Professional Studies, where she teaches Masters-level courses in their Program and Portfolio Management program.

Jared Auclair
Lead Researcher

Jared’s reputation in mass spectrometry analysis, proteome discovery, and research in Women’s Health round out the management team of LifeStory Health, Inc.  Along with his role as Lead Researcher, he is the Associate Teaching Professor and Director at Northeastern University’s Biotechnology and Bioinformatics department, and he serves as the Director of the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL).  BATL is globally recognized as an APEC CoRE in Biotherapeutics and an ICH Trusted Training Program.  Jared is also an Affiliated Fellow at the Barnett Institute Chemical and Biologics Analysis.  These appointments allow Dr. Auclair to collaborate with academic researchers as well as industry practices in the area of biopharmaceutical development and analysis, as well as international regulators on best practices and new advances in the regulatory sciences for drug approvals.


For more information, please email:  info@annavillahealth.com