LifeStory Health, Inc. (LSH):

A Viable Path Forward, Bringing Our Technology to Patients

Our technology platform uses a process we have designed with the patient and the ability to scale in mind. It starts with a non-invasive, safe and easy collection process, crafted after dozens of female focus groups, to assure that it is practical and convenient. Samples are approved for the US Mail and submitted directly to the lab.  Our well qualified personnel follows our award-winning and patent-pending protocol to process all samples. After analysis, we interpret the data using our proprietary data analytics process that is then saved in our HIPAA compliant database for physician and patient view.

In late 2018, we concluded our Early Onset Alzheimer’s Proof of Concept study, which confirmed the potential use and pathway for our technology.  We recently signed a second Proof of Concept study, contracted with the Baylor Scott and White Research Institute, in which enrollment began May 2019 to focus on lung, breast and endometrial cancers.  Additionally, and as our technology gains attention directly from patients, we are currently considering the feasibility of a patient-sponsored expanded access study.

LSH is preparing to bring our discovery to the US FDA (targeting Summer 2019) through a pre-submission process that highlights the safety, efficacy and innovation to addressing the unmet patient needs for our technology.  We are eager to equip physicians and their patients with the early insights our screening tools can provide for lifelong patient care.

Publications of our discovery are being prepared so that those as passionate as we are about women’s health, deeper understanding of female biology, and overall health innovation can join us in our journey toward creating screening tools that lead to improved early detection of female-prevalent disease.