In addition to her important work at LSH, Anna is a vocal advocate for Women’s Health and Innovation.  She has been featured in dozens of publications, blogs and podcasts such as NewsMax Health, Healthline, Yahoo Style, Well + Good, and Health Professional Radio.  For 2018’s International Women’s Day, MetroUK featured Anna and her science, and Innovation Enterprise published its interview of Anna to highlight how LSH is accelerating women’s health research.

Anna has also advocated for women's health in CEOWorld and makes women’s innovation the primary focus of her co-hosted podcast, "Setting the Pace."  As the Women’s Health Editor for The Doctor Weighs In, she and her contributing writers focus on a variety of topics including precision medicine, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and the necessity of assuring gender equity in scientific and medical research.

In addition to written word, Anna speaks at a variety of events each year, with her next appearance scheduled at the 2019 International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health “The Gateway to Precision Medicine” Conference from June 8-9 in Zurich, Switzerland.  Anna donates her speaking fees in support of three female-centric nonprofits that highlight the need for more sex-specific research; the latest being donated to the Women’s Brain Project courtesy of the 14th Annual M.A.S.S. Women Educational Leadership Network (WELN) Conference.

To promote Innovation and Innovation for Women's Health, Anna serves as a guest-lecturer and project sponsor at Northeastern University for several graduate-level programs.  These Master-level courses include Data Analytics, Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, and Business Administration.  She has also developed and serves as Lecturer for a new class in the Master of Biotechnology program called, “Women’s Health: Driving Innovation and Cultural Change”. The class debut will be presented in workshop form in conjunction with the California Life Science Association in San Francisco, CA. The class will return to Boston for the Fall 2019 semester.


Anna’s style and reputation for raising attention to the need for change and innovation has been a theme throughout her life.  As a lifelong athlete and former Division One college soccer player, Anna was an original influencer in the National Women’s Soccer League, the first professional women’s soccer league to survive long-term.  Anna is the Director of Philanthropy for the New England Football Club (NEFC), one of the USA’s largest youth soccer organizations.  NEFC’s philanthropic initiatives have benefited thousands of children and Anna has raised nearly 100% of the operating budget that supports these initiatives as well as established long-term corporate partnerships. Anna is also on the planning committee for Children's Vision Advocacy Day at the State House, which led the successful Massachusetts legislation change requiring mandates in children’s vision care.

In addition, Northeastern’s Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL) remains an important aspect of LSH’s scientific work, where LSH’s science is part of BATL’s training as a Center of Excellence for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Life Sciences Division, and a Recognized Training Program for the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH).