Our Patents


LifeStory Health offers a diversified patent portfolio comprising of both issued and pending patents. These patents strategically cover a comprehensive range of technologies focused on female health monitoring and diagnostics. Our patents reflect our commitment to innovation, positioning LifeStory Health at the forefront of advancing women’s health through groundbreaking technologies with first in category product and service potential.

Our Approach to Patents

Our strategy adopts a multifaceted approach that prioritizes securing patent protection to advance our female-first agenda. Beyond this, we hold a unique position to collaborate with other healthcare organizations seeking to extend the patent life of their Intellectual Property (IP). We offer partnership opportunities aimed at breathing new life into expired patents, revitalizing outdated technology, and providing a fresh and improved perspective to enhance and optimize performance. Through these initiatives, we aim to drive innovation, promote female-centric healthcare solutions, and contribute to the evolution of the healthcare landscape.

Our Patents


Current Patents

US Patent No. 11,193,942 – this patent is related to Methods and Devices for Female Health Monitoring. Valid until end of 2035.


Pending Patents

Patents related to the Selection Biomarkers for Patient Stratification and Methods and Devices for Female Health Monitoring our expected in early 2024.


Patent Pipeline

Additional applications related to Female Health Monitoring and BRCA Mutations in menstrual blood as predictors for the risk of Ovarian Cancer and Theranostic Treatments for Ovarian Cancer are in development.